’87 All Black series: Sean Fitzpatrick

To mark the 30-year anniversary of New Zealand winning the 1987 inaugural Rugby World Cup, Beyond the Mark will share memories from some of the All Black players’ and administrators’ involved in the successful campaign.


Tell us a little about what you’re up to these days? 

I live in London with my wife and 2 daughters; we have been there since 2004.

Fondest memories of the 1987 World Cup campaign?

Touring around NZ – the NZ fans are special. The best example of that was when we were billeted in the Wairarapa.

Best and worst roomie in ’87 and why?

Mine were all great. Being only 22 I was happy just to be there! I suspect I always got the single!

Why do you think the ’87 team was so successful

We wanted to be the 1st team to win the Rugby World Cup and we all had a burning desire to be the best.

What was your motivation to play?

The All Black Jersey.

Best and worst advice you’ve received?

Best:  Prepare as if you are number 2. Never think you are good enough. Worst: 0.

What advice would you give to the modern day rugby player?

Enjoy and give it everything you can.

Would you have liked to play in the professional era and why?



Photo credit: Talk Sport

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