’87 All Black series: Richie Guy

To mark the 30-year anniversary of New Zealand winning the 1987 inaugural Rugby World Cup, Beyond the Mark will share memories from some of the All Black players’ and administrators’ involved in the successful campaign.

Tell us a little about what you’re up to these days?

I am still working; I am a farmer, property developer, and a Director of 15 other businesses.

Fondest memories of the 1987 World Cup campaign?

There are many – winning, the effort put in by the players, B.J.s coaching and clever use of the other selectors. A great group of people who all pulled their weight.

Why do you think the ’87 team was so successful?

Top quality players who were fitter than other teams and still smarting from being beaten in Nante.

Best and worst advice you’ve received?

Best: You only get out of life whatever you put in. Worst: Many of course but nothing stands out as being horribly worse than the others.

What advice would you give to the modern day rugby player?

Be very careful with your new found wealth, and prepare yourself for life after rugby.

What advice would you give to rugby managers?

Players are much easier to lead than chase. Get the players to set team protocols, that way they take responsibility for their behaviour. Make sure that all arrangements are well organised – players hate disruption.

What’s your biggest dislike in today’s rugby environment?

Scrums that end up with penalties and rolling mauls.

What is your proudest achievement outside of rugby?

Helping take Sport Northland from an organisation that was $243,000 in the red to one that had assets of over $23,000,000.


Photo credit: Living Legends website

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