’87 All Black series: David Kirk

To mark the 30-year anniversary of New Zealand winning the 1987 inaugural Rugby World Cup, Beyond the Mark will share memories from some of the All Black players’ and administrators’ over the coming weeks. 


Tell us a little about what you’re up to these days? 

I founded and manage an information technology investment fund, now listed on the Australian stock exchange. I am also the Chairman of Trade Me and Kathmandu.

Fondest memories of the 1987 World Cup campaign?

Scoring a try in the final, lifting the Cup, and the feeling in the changing room after the match.

Best and worst roomie in ’87 and why?

Me to both. As captain, I roomed on my own.

Why do you think the ’87 team was so successful? 

We had the best of everything: best players, fittest players, best coaches, a new style of playing emphasising speed and continuity and we were at home.

What was your motivation to play? 

To win, not to lose, to be the best I could be, not to let my teammates down.

Best and worst advice you’ve received?

Best: Don’t go to South Africa with the Cavaliers  Worst: Go to South Africa with the Cavaliers.

What advice would you give to the modern day rugby player?

Develop your life and interests outside the game from the very beginning.

Would you have liked to play in the professional era and why?

No. I would be bored by all the training, travelling and playing.

What’s your biggest dislike in today’s rugby environment?

More like disappointment than dislike, and it is that today’s top players don’t get the same chance we had to mix with the opposition after the game and make life-long friends.

What is your proudest achievement outside of rugby?

By far, inside and outside rugby, it is marrying the right woman and having three great children.


Photo credit: stuff.co.nz

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