Women In League Week: Courtenay Matulino, a wife’s perspective

To celebrate Women In League Week, Beyond the Mark is sharing different perspectives of women involved in rugby league. Courtenay Matulino is married with two children Kyla (4) and Brax (2) to NZ Warriors player, Ben Matulino.

How did you get involved with rugby league?
I became involved with rugby league through my husband Ben. We met nearly a decade ago just after his second season with the Warriors.

What’s your favourite rugby league memory?
This is a hard question to answer as there’s a few that come to mind. But if I had to pick one it would be one involving the kids.
Ben being able to run out on the field with the kids for his 200th game recently was really awesome.
I love that we have had our children early and they are able to grow up being involved in rugby league. Our kids love cheering dad on and consider the whole team their uncles haha!
Biggest lesson learnt having a professional league player as a husband?
I think one of the biggest lessons that I have learnt from being married to a professional sports person is how to be adaptive to change.
We have been very lucky to have spent Ben’s career so far at one club but will soon be heading off across the ditch for a few years.
Nothing is certain in rugby league, contracts can change so quickly, injuries happen, Ben is away nearly every second weekend during the season and when he plays for the Kiwis 4-6 weeks at a time and not even his schedule is confirmed until a week before hand!
So you always have to be prepared to adapt to whatever rugby league throws at you because it does dictate your life.
How do you help prepare Ben for a game?
Helping prepare Ben for a game is pretty simple. I don’t think I really do that much. It’s more just about making sure we make a healthy dinner the night before and breakfast morning of. And I try my best to keep the household and kids calm so Ben can just chill out before a game.
Favourite thing to do away from rugby league?
Just relax and spend time as a family 🙂

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