Women In League Week: Niki Schuck, second woman on NZ Warriors Board

To celebrate Women In League Week, Beyond the Mark is sharing different perspectives of women involved in rugby league. Niki Schuck is a renown PR professional and the second woman to sit on the NZ Warriors Board.

How did you get involved in rugby league?

The first live rugby league game I watched was years ago in Invercargill when the Vodafone Warriors played the Bulldogs in a pre-season game. I was hooked! I found it so much faster paced than rugby, more action and I loved that at any point in the game the team behind could be back in the game. Now, as a director that also causes lots of angst and I’m convinced I lose about two kilograms every game as I find it really hard to sit still. Through my PR company (NSPR Limited) I have worked with the Vodafone Warriors over the past five years and was incredibly excited to be asked to be a director.

What advice would you give women trying to get into administration roles?

  • Recognise what your skills are.
  • Build your networks.
  • Look for opportunities that allow you to build your networks and showcase your skills, even if they aren’t ideally where you want to be.

What are your biggest lessons to date as a women on the NZ Warriors Board?

I believe these are lessons for any new board member, not specifically being a female; Understand what the organisation is looking to you personally for, listen, have the courage to ask questions and offer advice in areas that reflect your expertise.

Who is your favourite league player and why?

Any Vodafone Warrior who is above the fitness levels required of their position, goes that extra metre, is always there for their teammates and lives our values of Grounded, Courageous, Passionate, Uncompromising and Selfless.

What do you enjoy doing outside of rugby league?

We live on Waiheke so I love getting out kayaking, playing golf and enjoying a cheeky Chardonnay or one of Waiheke Island’s great reds – any of these with friends and family is the ultimate.

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