Women In League Week: Quinn Schmidt, a mother’s perspective

To celebrate Women In League Week, Beyond the Mark is sharing different perspectives of women involved in rugby league. Quinn Schmidt is a mother of three boys, Keaston, Syris and Bronxe – Keaston and Syris have played league from the ages of 4 and 5.

How did your boys get involved in rugby league?

Both my boys started playing rugby league when they were very young. Keaston at 5 years old and Syris at 4 years old. They were always outdoor kinda kids…always preferring to be outside with a footy ball..so rugby league was an obvious choice for them both growing up.

What advice do you give your sons?

To play hard, be fair and always play with heart!! Give it 100% when they take the field and leave nothing in the tank by the end of the game. They both follow that advice and neither have disappointed me yet.

What do you do to help prepare them for a game?

When we were living in NZ it was always a hot breakfast in the morning before leaving for their games because it was so cold and their games were usually in the morning. 
But since moving to the Gold Coast it’s more just a good meal and making sure they stay hydrated. They need to keep sipping on water the night before right through to game time because it’s so hot here.

What has the game of rugby league offered your sons?

Rugby League has given my sons great opportunities. Both have had the privilege of captaining a few teams which has taught them leadership skills, to have respect for others and also themselves and to show good sportsmanship within their teams and to opposing teams. Also to stay humble.

What’s your dream for them outside of rugby league?

My dream for them outside of rugby league has always been to study hard at school, go to university and travel the world. And make sure whatever career they choose, it’s one that they love and are passionate about.

Some of the teams the boys have represented are:

GC Titans Under 13s & 14s reps
South East Queensland 2012 & 2013 Captain
Gold Coast Vikings reps 2012 & 2013
Auckland Falcons Under 15s – 2014
Queensland Team 2012 Under 12s
Keebra Allstars 2016 no. 6
South East Queensland 2016 & 2017 Captain both years

6 thoughts on “Women In League Week: Quinn Schmidt, a mother’s perspective

  1. Just awesome to see my old player Syris and family doing so well on the GC thanks for sharing this beautiful piece


  2. Welcome to the boys…. But hats off to the mum for always supporting them. Good luck n when is our boy coming back to rose road please 😊.. GB


    1. Hats off to all the mums behind the scenes making sure their children have the best possible chance of succeeding in their dreams 😃


  3. syris also played in the auckland maoris under 12s team.very awesome to see both boys striving for excellence..keep it up boys…


    1. Oh, thank you Joe for mentioning the Maori under 12s! Their mama is always asking for excellence on and off the field which is great.


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